Platform Preannouncement Strategies: The Strategic Role of In-formation in Two-Sided Markets Competition


Many platform-firms periodically release new versions of their platforms-often preceded by a number of prelaunch activities including a preannouncement of new features, improvements and other innovations. Information contained within these preannouncements not only shape expectations of distinct but connected sides, e.g., users and developers in a video game platform, but also informs a rival platform in a competitive market. Through a game-theoretic analysis of three different preannouncement strategies in a duopoly, the research furthers the understanding of the role of externality-related information on expectation formation and the associated competitive dynamics.




Rammnath Chellappa,全美十大老牌名校之一的埃默里大学Goizueta商学院信息系统与运营管理系副教授,商务分析科学硕士项目副院长,曾任Goizueta的Caldwell研究员,印度商学院的客座教授和SRITNE中心的杰出研究员。在加入埃默里大学之前,他曾在南加州大学的马歇尔商学院任教,并曾担任南加大电子经济研究实验室的创始主管。其主要研究领域为电子市场、定价、数字产品盗版以及信息安全和隐私经济。他已经在很多顶级的期刊和会议上发表/介绍了他在这些领域的研究成果。其有关信息隐私、音乐数字化和软件定价问题的文章在很多知名的会议中获得最佳论文奖。他常用的研究方法包括解析建模、实证分析、社会网络分析等。他还担任/曾担任顶级期刊Information System Research和MIS Quarterly的编委。

Dr. Ramnath K. Chellappa is the Associate Dean of the Master of Science in Business Analytics program and an Associate Professor of Information Systems & Operations Management at the Goizueta Business School, Emory University. He was a Caldwell Research Fellow at Goizueta and has also been a visiting professor and SRITNE Distinguished Academic Fellow at the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad. Prior to joining Emory University, Prof. Chellappa served on the faculty of Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California and was the founding director of the Electronic Economy Research Lab (eBizLab) at USC. Prof. Chellappa's expertise is in the fields of electronic markets, pricing, digital goods piracy and economics of information security and privacy. His research in these areas has been widely published/presented in leading journals and conferences. His work on information privacy, research on music digitization and study of software pricing have received best paper awards in premier conferences. His research methods include analytical modeling, empirical modeling and social network analysis. He also serves/has served on the editorial boards of Information Systems Research and MIS Quarterly.